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Baby Shower Ideas

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I somehow found this blog (only Firefox browser friendly) on “cute baby shower ideas”, well, cute :).  One thing though is that baby showers are probably not practiced across all cultures (I read somewhere that Jewish tradition forbade that) and so if you are a guest to a baby shower, you may want to keep the cultural beliefs of the hosts in mind.

I feel that baby showers are a nice way of heralding the arrival of motherhood for a woman and across cultures, motherhood has always been held up as an elevated status for a woman (a married status being worthier than a single one and so on). So, this ritual is a kind of reinforcement of the importance given to family life in general and in some sense, to women in particular because of the unique biological function that only they are equipped to perform.


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May 27, 2009 at 11:56 am

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